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This was the first time I made Moussaka & I agree - the olives made it special! I used medium ground beef & found the meat mixture to be a little greasy - next time, I'll use extra lean & drain the fat after browning. I wasn't sure about preparation for the eggplant - so I referred to another recipe - and removed the peel. When making the sauce, I put spoonfuls of the hot milk mixture into the beaten eggs very slowly before combining in the saucepan. Thanx Evelyn!

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CountryLady January 08, 2004

This is the second time I have made moussaka but this was so nice I will not look for another recipe. I had to make some changes as my partner is on a low cholesterol diet. Basically I did boil the potatos, baked the aubergine, drained fat off the meat,omitted all salt and reduced the amount of cheese, but still it was amazing. Other than my tweaks I did follow it to the letter and managed to get 2 lots of mousaka (only have small dishes) so one for now, one for the freezer. Thank you for posting this recipe.

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rasully October 06, 2010

i made a few changes to use what i had on hand. i used fresh chopped tomatoes, some tomato paste and 1 c red wine for the sauce. i did use lamb and omitted the cheddar, i grated some kasseri cheese instead. i had extra eggplant so i made 1 layer, topped with meat sauce, then a second layer of each, then topped it off with the bechamel. i loved the addition of the olives!

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chia September 04, 2003

I spent a long time in the kitchen on this one, but it was yummy. Very close to what I had in Greece last summer. The hubby even liked it!

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SmilinJenE August 29, 2003

I thought I made a good Moussaka but this one is different and I think it is the inclusion of the olives that makes it special. I would recommend anyone to try this particular recipe and you will feel the same as me, your recipe is not as good as this.

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Latchy July 02, 2003

OMG, this was amazing!! Any dish that requires simmering 2 sauces at once is not a simple undertaking. The prep took about an hour of continuous work, but it was well worth it. I am not an olive person, so I omitted those, and it was fantastic without them. I recommend some small changes for someone trying out the recipe: I doubles the amount of tomato sauce, and you need not use any oil to cook the meats (even lean ones) - just cooking spray. The potatoes did not cook in the time and temp recommended. Next time I will roast them for 20 miniutes at 425, and will probably cook the eggplant at the same temp for 10 minutes - that will also allow them to be cooked at the same time. Lastly, I added a top layer of potatoes. I also used a pan a little larger than recommended - take note that the recommended size pan is a bit taller than the standard pyrex pan, and you will need every inch. Lastly, enjoy and come to the table hungry! Thanks for posting this great recipe!

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topdog ollie March 30, 2013

Great, great, great! An easy to prepare too! The only change I would make would be to add a tiny bit more of cinnamon. Company loved it and leftovers taste even better! Thank you Evenlyn...you were a hit at my dinner party!!!

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trick January 16, 2013

Wasn't my favorite especially for the amount of work involved. I felt even 1 teaspoon of cinammon over powered the dish. I would add more spices and salt next time to make it not so bland. I used half lamb and half beef just to mix it up a bit. The texture is awesome.

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amydnoland August 23, 2012

Since my kids happily eat most everything, I usually cater to their few little idiosyncrasies when cooking. They have an aversion to olives, so I left those out. And they all intensely dislike what they call "those spices that smell like Christmas" in anything but desserts, so the cinnamon was omitted. And despite our fairly large Greek population, I couldn't locate either the kefalograviera or kassiri cheeses and had to use the subs. So I guess I committed heresy by taking most of the 'Greek' out of the moussaka. I hope you'll forgive my culinary sins, Evelyn, because everybody went bananas over this Americanized version and wanted more even after they were too full to take another bite. Simply sensational!

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highcotton April 28, 2012

Great dish!! I halved the meat sauce using a roasted portobello spaghetti commercial sauce. Grilled 1 eggplant and did the 3 potatoes in the pan in the oven as our method for cooking them followed by assembly. Full layer of eggplant then cheeses,breadcrumbs and full layer of meat sauce followed by rest of cheeses, crumbs and all the bechamel. I had to use asiago cheese as my parmesan but will try to find the greek cheeses for next time!I cooked this in a 9x13 pan

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karen in tbay December 31, 2011