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Definitely not impressed with the icing BUT absolutely LOVE the cupcakes! So, next time I will either use store bought lemon icing or use a different recipe for homemade icing. Otherwise, a hit with the kids and family.

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Shawn R. February 10, 2015

My 16-year-old daughter made these tonight and they were a huge hit. They were light and moist and tasted great. They don't have a strong mountain dew taste, but a great flavor!

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Chef with 9 kids September 14, 2014

As a Beginner baker who usually has lots of problems this recipe was super easy to follow, however I will say that they are not very "mountain dew" flavoured. It's more of a Lemon Lime flavour which to most people is kinda mountain dew-ish, but did not pass my panel of experts :P. The other thing I would say is for me I didn't like the instruction to "Add to cupcake liners" in regards to filling the batter into the tins, the batter rises quite a bit so I would suggest half full or 3/4 at most. I also don't like traditional icing so I used a packaged cream cheese frosting instead and added the mountain dew and Lemon/Lime juice. It turned out much stronger in the Soda flavour than the cupcakes I found. But I had more than half leftover. I think this Recipe would be great for kids because the steps are super simple and it doesn't take long to make. I've tried 3 other recipes which were from scratch, none of which worked out so I definitely say this is a winner on taste, and simplicity!

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mydirtylittlesecret46 February 16, 2014

These cupcakes taste great and were really easy to make! I usually don't like to use cake or pudding pre-mixes, but went along with this one since I had made some other Mountain Dew Cupcakes last year that were from scratch that had way too much zest in the recipe for me. The only small changes I made were to add a few drops of food grade lemon essential oil to the cake batter and to swap out the lime juice in the icing with more lemon juice and a few drops of lime essential oil, as I was out of limes. I did add an extra half cup of powdered sugar to the icing, since I was piping it on. I was a bit short on the icing, but did put a lot on each cupcake. I will definitely make these again and can't wait to share them =)

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shelteredcreature July 22, 2013
Mountain Dew Cupcakes With Frosting