Mounds Bars

Recipe by Tonkcats

Cooking time is set up time.

Top Review by Karen Hertzberg

Yep, these really DO taste like Mounds bars! They're delicious, and the recipe makes a pretty big batch (if you cut them small), so they're convenient for including in candy gift boxes for holidays and special occasions. I found this recipe difficult to make using plain chocolate chips. The chocolate didn't melt smoothly, and the coconut was difficult to dip. When I used candy quality chocolate instead (and melted it on a double broiler instead of in the microwave, which I originally tried) they turned out much better. Also, I found that the smaller you cut the squares, the easier they were to dip. I kept mine under 1 square inch.

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  1. Blend the milk and the vanilla.
  2. Add the sugar a little at a time till smooth.
  3. Stir in the coconut. The mixture should be firm.
  4. Pat firmly into a 9x13 pan and chill till firm.
  5. Cut into bars and dip into melted chocolate and let cool on waxed paper for several hours.

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