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This is the best pork loin roast I have ever tasted!!! (Not to be confused with the small round pork tenderloins) this is by far the B~E~S~T!!! Do not change a thing...The veggies came out delish...It is an ultimate KEEPER!!! I don't give reviews like this lightly....Even my pickey Pickey PICKEY husband loved it!!! Ummmm the gravy!!! Don't pre brown the roast...It really does brown itself...Very easy prep....Quick, Yummy & Easy!!!

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aHomeInMi May 26, 2012

I have tried at least 100 different recipes for pork roasts over the years, they all seemed to lack something, flavor, too dried out, etc. This one is so flavorful, moist, and just down right melt in your mouth good. Takes no time whatsoever to put together and throw in the oven and the results make you look like a rock star! The veggies come out perfect and the broth is just out of this world good. Who would have thought this could be accomplished in a Dutch oven? And who doesn't love a one pot delicious meal. All those "other" pork roast recipes......they no longer exist here in our house anymore. Just can't beat perfection.

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rtle_Dallas February 05, 2015

Pork loin (NOT tenderloin) has been on sale a lot this year, and I had never tried this cut. I saw this recipe and chose it over others because it is super easy and I am super lazy! So glad I did! I have made it 5 or 6 times already and am much impressed every time. If you choose to make the gravy, it is wonderful as well. The tender meat can be shredded and used in bbq sandwiches or mexican dishes, but it is delicious as a sliced roast--be sure to let it rest a while to get nice slices. Thanks for this one!

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LazeeLadee August 15, 2015

I saw this recipe and decided to try it. Our bottle of Italian spice was pretty old so I used 1 tbsp of the Italian spice and 1/4 tsp each of rosemary, thyme, oregano, and sage. Everything else was exactly per the recipe. The roast was about 2.4 lbs. I decided to check it after 1 h 45 min and it was already done, maybe because we have a convection oven? The meat temp was 195 and I was afraid I had ruined it, but I hadn't. It was moist, could be cut with a fork, and incredibly flavorful. So were the veggies. Definitely a keeper, and soooo easy! My husband loved it.

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bedard March 30, 2015

I tried this recipe but with a smaller roast, and I don't own a roasting pan, so I used a baking pan with foil over it. I only cooked it for about 1hr 35 min because it was only about 1 1/2-2 lb roast. Veggies were just perfect; wouldn't have wanted them any more done. The roast wasn't quite as tender as others seem to report it should be, but that could be because either I didn't cook it long enough, or I was using a foil lid. Still, it was excellent! Great flavour, meat wasn't tough. Gravy was very tasty. Will definitely make again.

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HockeyChick1979 October 26, 2014

I made it last night but with a 1.5# roast. I read other reviews and reduced the time to two hours. It was perfect. It was very moist and could be cut with a fork. I would add salt & pepper and reduce or delete the crushed red pepper - it made it a little too spicy. I might also exchange the onion slices with a clove of garlic. My gravy was too runny so next time I'll use more cornstarch. Otherwise, a wonderful, easy and fairly quick dinner. Thank you!

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Bufferly November 20, 2015

The fist Direction makes no sense. Surely the cuts should be VERTICAL. Also what does 3x3" mean in this context? I think I'll use another recipe!

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rolandobrit1 June 06, 2015

I made this recipe - 51/2 lb roast for the Super Bowl ( less the Veggies ) and added a bit more<br/>red pepper flakes to give it a little more zip, and WOW it was so delicious, and tender.<br/>Used the pan juices as a dip, and everyone just raved over it, and asked for the recipe.<br/>This recipe is a keeper, as this is the 1st time I've been able to cook a Pork Loin so tender, and tasty. This is a 5 Star for sure.

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gersjo February 04, 2015

I must've done something wrong as my pork loin came out tough and flavorless. I followed the recipe added a few cloves of garlic. Vegetables were wonderful though... I'll leave unrated as it was probably my fault. Thanks for the recipe though...

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Babychops December 10, 2010

I only had a 1 3/4 lb roast so I cooked this for just under 2 hours. The pork itself could have gone a little longer, it was still a little tough. The vegetables themselves were a little overdone for my taste. I sprinkled some Mrs. Dash and garlic powder on the potatoes and carrots to give them a little more flavor. I didn't make the gravy as I didn't want the extra calories. I will make this again using the proper size roast, but will cook the roast for about 20 - 30 minutes before adding the vegetables.

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catmaniacs October 19, 2009
Most Tender Pork Loin Roast Ever