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Great recipe! I am terrible with a rolling pin but this recipe patches well without adding more water. Also, it comes out of a pie pan clean as a whistle. Those of you having to add water, remember that the flour that you throw on the counter to roll the dough in comes out of the total flour needed, and not in addition to. Leave the last 1/4 cup of flour out of the mixer to roll the dough in.

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Elielia October 02, 2011

I have been using this reciepe for years, got it from a business car chef on the railroad. I use butter instead which probably takes away a little of the flakyness but adds to flavour. Also add just a touch of sugar for dessert pies. I mix it in a food processor, cuts the mixing time to about two min.

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sourdough November 19, 2003

This is the same recipe my grandmother taught me many years ago, also you may make up the flour, shortening, and salt, double or tripple for holidays and have it in the fridge in a coffee can with a lid. Poof. Pies can be made in minutes.

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ibhopie May 22, 2002

Excellent recipe!!! For several years, I have wanted to enter our local 4th of July Apple Pie contest. This year was the year...Or so I thought! First, I needed a recipe. :) I chose this for the pie crust and another recipe I found on another site for the filling. I spent the Sunday before the 4th making a trial pie at my parents' house. My dad kept stressing that an apple pie (or any pie, for that matter) is all about the crust. He wasn't that confident in my ability to produce a masterpiece, seeing as I hadn't ever made my own pie crust before.
In hopes of decreasing the risk of a soggy bottom crust,I brushed the bottom layer of the pie crust with egg whites before I put in my apple filling. I also brushed egg whites on the top of my lattice crust before baking.
When it came out of the oven, it looked perfect! After my dad had his FIRST slice, he proclaimed it the best pie he has had in 30 years!!! He said the crust was AMAZING!! My mom was raving about it as well! Fast forward to the next morning, the 4th...I decided I was too tired to wake up early...and thus, I still haven't entered a pie in a 4th of July contest...Next year!! :) My parents finished the pie in 3 days. Every time I speak to them on the phone, they ask when I will be making them another. Thanks for a great recipe!!

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Leilani July 12, 2011

Great pie crust!! I do mine in a food processor to make it even easier... pulse the dry plus the shortening until it is crumbly, then add the wet and pulse until just mixed. Dump it out onto a board, form it into a ball and refrigerate. This crust NEVER fails! The less you handle it, the better it is!

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lexia October 14, 2009

This is an excellent crust!! I did take the advice of others who posted, add 2 TBSP of water. I did not have any problem with cracking or ripping of the dough. I am sure it is because I used lard instead of the shortening. I use this crust for making chicken pot pie, it makes enough for an 8x8 square pan, top and bottom crust. It comes out golden and flakey. My husband does not like any kind of pie crust but he raved over this when I made a turkey pot pie using thanksgiving day leftovers.

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Ronnie Slobodnik January 07, 2011

Great recipe and REALLY easy to work with. I subbed half with cold butter. Wrapped in in Saran wrap for two days before I needed it. Let it sit out about 25 min before I needed it, and found it really easy to work with. Thanks so much! My recipe trials stop here!

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cstafiej December 26, 2010

My goodness, Karen! I've always been in the "no egg" camp for pie crusts, but tried this on a whim. It was flaky and delicious. Really perfect for savory pies like quiche.

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moxie February 10, 2003

A great crust! Super easy, and tasted great. I used whole wheat flour, which was a little more dry than bleached white flour so I added two more tablespoons of cold water. The end product was flaky--perfect! This is my new go-to recipe. Thanks for a great recipe.

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alma.sove February 09, 2010

Before trying this recipe I was sold on the one that I used during culinary school. The only problem was the recipe was scaled for 25 crusts. I did manage to get it down to 5 crusts, but I only needed one. So, I jumped onto food.com and spotted this one. With all the reviews I decided to give it a go for a Rustic Spiced Caramel Apple Tart that I was making. I used half butter and half lard instead of shortening (I only use shortening when I have no other choice), and it came out gorgeous. It was easy to work with and baked up flaky and tender. Now I have a new favorite crust recipe. I made sure that all the fats that I used were cold, straight from the fridge. Also, using a trick I learned in school, I made a glass of ice water and used that water(minus the ice) for this recipe. If your kitchen is very warm, you might consider putting even your flour in the fridge or freezer to cool it down. Above all, handle the dough as little as possible once you add the water. Working the dough too much will develop gluten and cause a tough crust. You want to mix it just until it comes together, and there may be dry spots in the dough. Simply wrap it in plastic and place in the fridge for 24 hours and the moisture level will even out. I highly recommend using half butter and either half lard or half shortening, the flavor and texture will be perfect.

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Kimberly Keller November 15, 2012
Most Incredible No Fail Pie Crust