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DELICIOUS!!! Loved the salad dressing and it was an easy and flavorful addition to my Moroccan meal-very refreshing and cool among the other spicy dishes . Only changes were to omit the dill (didn't have any) and add a bit of salt. My salad consisted of cherry tomato, cucumber, green beans, celery, green bell pepper, red onion, cilantro, and baby spinach. Served w/ Grilled Moroccan Chicken, Grilled Moroccan Vegetable Skewers, Moroccan Sesame Potatoes. Thank you so much for a great recipe!!!

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Mrs.Jack July 18, 2008

this didnt do it for me. the dressing was a little bitter and i cut most of the dill out but if i made it again i would cut it all out-personal taste. i added a can of drained canned tomatoes and some cheese and i think those two things were my favorite part. my husband liked it ok. and since i served it at a funeral i mixed the lettuce up in the rest of the salad. other people liked it better than i so i think it really is a personal thing. thanks anyway.

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sprue March 04, 2007

This was different but QUITE tasty. The dressing had the most wonderful combination of spices and dill. The vegetables combined together very well too (particularly the green bean/tomato combo which is one of my personal favorites). The tomatoes (I used grape) were wonderfully sweet. I omitted the mushrooms (don't eat them), dispensed with the lettuce greens (didn't feel it needed them) and used Hellman's low fat mayonnaise (no need to explain). This recipe had a couple of ingredients that were probably not authentically Moroccan (mushrooms and mayo I think) but it had a wonderfully Moroccan flavor nevertheless. Thanks so much!

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Kumquat the Cat's friend July 20, 2005

Wonderful salad - the dressig is particularly unique - but fantastic! We didn't use chickpeas or green beans, just cause we don't like them, but other than that - perfect!!! Try this with Moroccan Chicken #120343 and Tomato Dipping Sauce #94395, the flavors all meshed together perfectly. Thanks abloom!!!

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Barb R July 19, 2005
Moroccan Vegetable Salad