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This was superb, lazyme. The end result was a moist chicken with a phenomenal taste. Serving it with the honey butter is a real must for the full flavor effect. Like another reviewer already pointed it, it's not as sweet as one would expect. Instead, you get a very nice balance of honey and cinnamon that produces a wonderfully tasting dish. Made for ZWT #9 (North Africa). Yum!

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NorthwestGal August 20, 2013

This turned out so juicy, and not really as sweet as you'd think with the amount of honey in it. The flavor of the honey comes through, but not so much of the sugar. It's very, very nice. I made a couple of tiny adjustments. We like to roast our chickens cut up, and I tossed some carrots and pickled lemons in the pan with it. The carrots were great with the braising liquid. Thanks for the great recipe.

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EmmyDuckie June 17, 2010

Very moist, sweet and tasty chicken! It was loved by kids and adults alike. Simple recipe but the sweet basting makes this chicken stand out! Made by a fellow Unruly/ZWT6

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Deantini June 13, 2010

Very tasty, made DH renounce his claims that Sam's Club rotisserie chickens were the best. (Really!) This was so easy. I was making a couple of other recipes at this time, so I forgot to baste. It was not a tragic mistake. The chicken was very moist and the flavor was delicate. It looked spectacular with some sauce poured over it!. Made for Best of 2013, based on NorthwestGal's recommendation.

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KateL February 07, 2014
Moroccan-Style Roast Chicken