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Yum!!! I made a half recipe of this tonight. I used 1/4 teaspoon powdered cinnamon instead of 1/2 a stick and finished it with coriander rather than mint as that's what I had on hand. I don't have my scale with me, but another member weighed the lentils and told me the one ounce I needed was 4 tablespoons. I guessed the apricots and put in 12 (which is about the usual number for this sort of recipe). This was so very good, I would eat it again tomorrow (sadly no leftovers though).

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JustJanS February 25, 2009

This was fantastic. I did it all on the stove top in my cast iron pot, cooking for 40 minutes after adding the chicken. I used mushroom stock cubes from the health food store since I had no stock on hand. The flavour is wonderful; I added a little hot sauce to increase the spice. Also, I put some green beans from the garden on top to steam for the last 5 minutes and served it over cous cous. Made a great dinner for all. Thank you so much English Rose for posting this recipe!

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limeleaf September 30, 2012

I love this recipe, and have made it for my young family several times. I wanted to get more pulses into their diet, so this with the lentils is ideal. Rich deepth of flavour without being too much for young taste buds. I do use chicken thighs with bone in, and shredd off later, as the bones add flaour to the stock. I've tried with lamd also, and those north African flavours work so well. Thanks for sharing.

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Themadwife November 16, 2009

To try and find the right word would be WOW, WOW! This was fantastic, I did not want to stop eating this. AND, it's good for you, apricots, lentils...full of goodness and tastes great. My boys gobbled this up too. I did'nt think they would eat it and I made it for me with some to freeze. I served this with the recipe Alton Brown's Brown Rice from this website. I changed nothing, but did follow JustJans measurements for the lentils and apricots. I don't get over excited about much food, but this one woke up my tastebuds and beggin for more. Thank you English Rose!

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scwheeler24 May 11, 2009

Very yummy.. added some Sumac to the rub and it was awesome. Served it with yellow rice with raisins and a salad. A great meal...

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Perrin December 07, 2010
Moroccan-Style Chicken With Lentils