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SO YUMMY! Very simple to make but a lot of flavors. We didn't use the sprouts, but thoroughly enjoyed this. Made for ZWT 6.

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Tarteausucre June 16, 2010

Lamb, yogurt, mint and sprouts all pulled us far out of our habit and comfort zone, but they were fabulous together. We found Greek yogurt, which is somewhere between sour cream and Ricotta cheese in flavor and texture, and actually picked fresh mint from our patio garden. We found the whole wheat pita difficult to slice into a pocket and ended up wrapping the whole warm pita around the burger, which was completely satisfactory. An adventure in flavors and textures! Made for Zaar World Tour 6 on behalf of the Voracious Vagabonds.

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Lavender Lynn June 11, 2010

I LOVE lamb and especially lamb burgers, we often make them in the summer for the BBQ! These were 10 star, the spices were fabulous, a taste of Morocco but subtle and not overpowering. I did not add the breadcrumbs as my lamb was local salt marsh lamb and very high quality, so I did not want to add "fillers"! The star of the herbs was the mint, which has a natural affinity with lamb. I served these in white pita breads with the tomatoes on the side and also some Tzatziki that I made. I had no alfalfa sprouts, so subbed home-grown oak leaf lettuce, which was crispy and a perfect foil for the rich burgers. A fabulous recipe with layers and layers of subtle flavours and textures! Merci Dr Jenny, this was made for the Whine and Cheese Gang and ZWT6, as well as The Magic of Herbs in the Photo's forum. FT:-) (Photo to be posted.)

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French Tart June 11, 2010
Moroccan-Spiced Lamb Burgers