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This dish is a nice change from plain old couscous! At first, I plated it as you suggested, Rita, but my platter was too small. So I decided to toss it all together in a bowl to combine the sauce and mushrooms throughout all the couscous. I did find that I liked the flavor of this dish better after it sat for a bit, and the flavors combined.

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Kozmic Blues April 01, 2004

Meh. Although the overall concept and flavors were good, I thought there were a couple of flaws that made it less than it could have been. I didn't enjoy it as much as some other Moroccan couscous recipes. We did not use saffron, and I'm glad, because there were so many spices and the orange flavor was so strong, that even saffron would have been drowned out a bit, and that is one expensive spice to drown out. Other than that, we did everything according to the instructions. I feel that this recipe has a couple of things that are not clear- for example, do we chop the garlic or put the clove in like so? What kind of pepper should we use- black pepper or red? I also think it would have been good to saute the onions and garlic before adding mushrooms. I usually do that and was wondering why not here- next time I will. I also thought twice about adding the sauce to the dish for serving because it seemed like it would make the couscous too gooey. But I followed the recipe, and unfortunately, to my taste it was too wet. Finally, I think that orange zest added in without the orange juice would have been better. The orange juice was just so strong.

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elizabeth.kronoff January 21, 2009

Very fun and different - I have never had the earthy flavor of mushrooms with sweet before.

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anglarkin March 14, 2008

My husband liked it but said he wanted chopped mushrooms instead, the kids cleaned their bowls. We will make this again and tweak it with the mushrooms and see how it turns out. It was a very easy dish and made our vegetarian night lots of fun b/c everyone got to add in their spice :) Thanks for posting.

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Pixie's Kitchen February 04, 2008

I didn't change a thing, followed the directions carefully & really enjoyed the results. Sweet, different & delicious.

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Rhiannon and Matt May 21, 2007

Great couscous! I used baby portobellas and ground saffron. Great blend of spices in this recipe! Thanks Rita!

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NcMysteryShopper July 01, 2006

This was quite good. we halved the mushrooms but left everything the same using baby bellas and glad we did cause there were still a ton of mushrooms. I liked this thanks for posting

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kzbhansen July 01, 2006

I loved the spices and the orange in this dish. Saffron makes it taste luxurious. I loved the additon of crushed coriander seeds instead of ground coriander. I decided to simmer the mushrooms in the orange juice before adding it to the couscous. I had this as a warm main dish in the evening and cold as a salad the next day. It is lovely cold too. I also liked that the onion was sliced and not chopped. I enjoyed this couscous, the flavours are complex and well balanced and the leftovers are lovely eaten cold. That makes it a 5 star recipe in my view.

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tigerduck June 23, 2006

I didn't read the directions completely before starting...but it really turned out well!! I sauted the mushrooms, onions and spices together..gave the mushrooms quite a chance to absorb the flavors! I didn't have any saffron and I used lemon zest. Very tastey!! Served it with Moroccan grilled chicken but you are right I personally think the dish could stand on it's own! (DH has to have MEAT) lol Thank you Rita.

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katie in the UP June 22, 2006

From reading this recipe, it should be a 5 star rating: somehow it just misses, hence the 4 stars. I've made it twice now, both times using the exact ingredients specified (which is unusual for me as I usually tinker!). The second time I followed Kozmic Blue's advice by allowing extra time for the flavours to combine and agree with her that the dish tastes better made that way. It still didn't quite hit that 5 though and I wonder if mushrooms are a bit too strong for the other ingredients. Next time (yes, its worth a next time) I'm thinking of trying aubergines (eggplant) instead.

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Mrs B April 26, 2005
Moroccan Mushroom Couscous