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I've been making this recipe from the original source for years and it's really delicious and easy. I never bother with the meatballs, as that's too much work, frankly. I just throw all of the meatball ingredients (omitting the panko and egg) into a pan an brown it. EASY.<br/><br/>This becomes a paleo recipe when you omit the panko! <br/><br/>I use this recipe at home all the time, but also for home made dehydrated backpacking meals. I just carry some raisings separately, and add them at the end of the re-hydration. I'm thinking about running it through the blender after dehydrating it the next time, so that the re-hydration texture will be even better. This is an AMAZING dish in the backcountry when your friends are eating crappy mystery "food" (aka chemicals) from Mountain House meals.

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duetschl June 23, 2013

Fabulous stew -- and as wonderful as it was the first night, it was infinitely better the second; I think next time I may make it the day before and reheat! A friend to whom I gave some leftovers opined that it was one of the best meals that she'd *ever* eaten; that's saying something, because she's a fine cook in her own right. Definitely a keeper.

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l'ecole January 16, 2015

Excellent stew! Love all the spices and the great combination of flavours. Don't be put off by the long list of ingredients. It really is easy to make. I wore latex gloves to mix the beef and spices by hand and then shape the meatballs. Thanks for posting.

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Leggy Peggy July 02, 2010

i loved this .it would be wonnderful served over plain rice i did add saffron,i dont know how much good it did since it was 8.00 spanish saffron , but theres a principle here i did add raisins . it was really good zaar tour 6 ps i dont know were to add swiss cheese ,so i didnt ,i dont think it was missing it lol dee

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Dienia B. June 18, 2010

AWESOME! I made it in a crock pot vs. the oven. I set it on low and cooked it for 8 hours overnight. Put it in the fridge before I left for work. Came home from work, reheated, and it was awesome over couscous. This is a do-over, and over, and over recipe. Thanks!

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Kilwinning53 March 16, 2010

Absolutely fabulous stew! The mix of flavors is great. I was scared I had too many onions in my meatballs, but they were perfect. I loved the cayenne in them to counterbalance the sweetness of the cinnamon and raisins. I did bake the meatballs for a little while to get the fat out of them before adding to the stew. The health benefits of the spices in this is great...cinnamon helps balance blood sugar levels, and turmeric fights cancer and improves skin quality....I could eat this every week! Thanks for sharing!

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breezermom January 10, 2010

This dish is just fantastic; the flavours are booming in your mouth and you sit and are really happy you made this dish! I made pretty much as stated, except I cut back on the cayenne pepper because we had kids eating. I also omitted the raisins because my family are not crazy about them in cooked food, I am sure they would make the dish even better though! The meatballs are so full of flavour that I am sure you could sub the ground beef with turkey, if you wish to make the dish lighter. I baked the meatballs in the oven for 25 min and added them to the stew 20 min before serving. I served with Jasmine rice and a bulgur spinach salad. Made for PRMR Tag.

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Deantini January 03, 2010
Moroccan Meatball Stew