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This is one of the best recipes i have come across for a long time and my other half said it was one of the best meals i have ever cooked for him! I didn't do the veg but i took out the apricots and added aubergine, corguette and mushrooms to the bake. Thanks it was delicious!

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lauren2go March 16, 2009

Beyond awesome! I always love French Tart's recipes, but this one was amazing. Granted, I followed my own drummer a bit, like I always do. I made the meatballs up the way I wanted a week or two ago with ground lamb I had, baked them, and froze them for a later meal. They had basically Moroccan spices already with the cumin and parsley and coriander and cinnamon, etc. So I found this when I was skimming through other FT recipes and remembered the meatballs I had in the freezer. Perfecto!<br/><br/>I actually cooked it all in the oven, though, and let it go while I was out. I sauteed the veg for the lentils and then separately the caramelized vegetables; added the rest of the ingredients for the lentil stew (I did put in tinned brown lentils instead of the dal it called for, I just couldn't be arsed), tossed in the frozen meatballs, and clamped the lid on the dutch oven. I left the vegetables open. I cooked it on 500 for about 30 minutes, then turned the oven off and left. Everything was perfect when I came back an hour or two later. The recipe was very flexible. Instead of fennel seeds, I sprinkled some dukkah on the vegetables and chopped the fronds from the fennel and mixed that in, too. Next time I think I'll make it with sweet potato chunks instead of carrots to use up some of our over abundance of those root vegetables. <br/><br/>Thank you so much for this recipe! It was really dreamy! And thanks for everything you do. You're a domestic rock star.

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singtoangels May 25, 2013

Delicious! I ended up with an extra fennel bulb, for what it's worth! Thanks, French Tart! Made for Aussie / New Zealand Recipe Swap #20.

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mersaydees September 21, 2008

This was so good! Beautifully spicy, a good balance between meatballs and lentils. The carmelized vegetables go with it really well. I cooked this on the stovetop because it was too hot to fire up the oven and it worked just fine. I added a splash of wine to the lentil liquid and I left the orange out of the vegetables (I would have liked it but other family members would not have.) I also used raisins rather than apricots (though we thought they would have been good as well.) This all went quite nicely with Simple Couscous and a spicy Australian shiraz. Thanks for posting!

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pattikay in L.A. July 09, 2007

This recipe is certainly worth the effort. I have to admit that although I intended to do the vegetables as well, I didn't. I can therefore only judge the meatball and lentil bake. The leftovers were even better. Thank you for creating such a wonderful recipe.

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tigerduck March 19, 2007

I made this in half of the given amount and it worked beautifully. The meat balls are especially good and could be used in many ways other than just this one recipe. The Lentils, once again, are excellent in this dish but can be used as a stand alone or would be wonderful with lamb. The veggies were good but not my favorite part of the dish but I'm not a great fan of sweet veggies. DH thought that they were simply great and loved the sugar addition so there is a perfect example of personal taste at work. This is a very versatile and delightful recipe.

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Annacia March 17, 2007

This is very subtle and special. Nicely put together, easy to follow directions, and a good balance of flavors.

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Mme M March 17, 2007
Moroccan Meatball and Lentil Bake With Company!