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5 Excellent Stars ! DH made this today and while the ingredient list is long, it wasn't hard to put together and the smell in the house when I got home from work was... yummmm! The taste of the cinnamon sticks REALLY comes though and DH did comment that maybe next time he will make it less sweetness ( he doesn't like sweet stuff in meat and veg dishes)... I told him that if he did that then the spicyness of the chili sauce etc would not be so well balanced, and that the taste wouldn't be at all the same. DH is fairly fussy about stews, but loves lamb and this recipe was a HIT with him. He's demanding that I keep this one safe so that he can make it again and again and again..., and THAT earns any recipe 5 stars immediately. He used pumpkin and sweet potato, but we only had lamb neck chops (they worked fine) and followed the recipe exactly. This is a dish of very strong flavours and is pungent and spicy and PACKED full of flavours. If you have a sense of adventure then this is a dish for you and if you love lamb then whoo hoo, you are gonna have fun here. DH has now commented on making this dish again 3 times since dinner... it's saved into my recipe book and WILL be enjoyed again soon. This is a winner of a recipe, Thanks!!!

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kiwidutch September 10, 2007
Moroccan Lamb Stew