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I loved this as well. I made it a while back now and forgot to review it. Sorry! I will make it again and at that point I will update the review. I don't often have lamb so I will make this also with ground beef. NO problem with dough at all!
Update: I made this again but instead of the pide, I used two 14" tortillas. I put the bottom tortilla in the oven on a pizza pan until it was crispy, then put on the toppings as stated and then some mozzarella and another tortilla on top. The first tortilla had shrunk so I was worried when I put the raw tortilla on top but it shrank as well so it was even by the end. I also used ground beef in place of the lamb and it was NOT as good. :o( The lamb gives it a much more complex flavor and I was disappointed. I did pass the recipe on to a friend who eats wild game. I think that would also work well.

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Chef Tweaker October 19, 2011

I lovvveeddd this!! i hav no idea wat sri1969 was talking about, the dough was perfect for me and i followed the recipe exactly. Just make sure you knead on a floured surface and it works fantastic :) But seriously, this was delicious.. an amazing blend of flavours and i will definitely cook again.. AND AGAIN!

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Bella_forever February 07, 2008

as someone who has been working with dough for twenty odd years this recipe did not look right to me and i must say i have never come across anything worse it is far too wet to manage and took me quite some time to clean up consquently i could not use this dough at all i think you need to check your amounts because as is it is completely unmanagable

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sri1969 February 02, 2008
Moroccan Lamb and Zucchini Pide