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Quick to prepare, very tasty. I only had time to marinate the meat for 15min, but it was still wonderful.

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opusanna December 27, 2006

I made this tonight - it was gorgeous! My husband kept making mmmmmmmm sounds as he was eating it. Apart from the fact that I had to grind everything for the 'spice mix' - (I never realised before that you could grind cinnamon sticks and cloves to powder. But I didn't have any ground spices so had to do my own.) - the recipe was very easy to do. I put the meat in the marinade at 11.30am and it needed no further attention til I put the pan on at 6.30! My tweaks to the recipe as posted:- The only lamb I had in were some shoulder chops; so I boned and trimmed them. I didn't have any 'ground ginger' so I used finely grated root ginger. I served the lamb with a supermarket bagged salad (Asda Fine Sliced) but I did add tomatoes and sliced onion. This recipe would work very well with chicken too. Now I have my own little pot of 'ras el hanout spice mix' I'll be trying it out in all kinds of recipes. Though, as we like it spicy, I will be grinding some dried chillies to add to the spice mix.

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franja October 24, 2006
Moroccan Lamb