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We all enjoyed this bread very much! That hint of anise seed was the perfect amount.
I grilled two loaves on a grill pan and baked two loaves. I liked the texture of the bread
better when grilled but most of the sesame seeds fell off when I pan grilled. Baking the
bread made them puffier but at least the sesame seeds stayed in place. I used part black sesame seeds, too for color contrast. Will make again! Reviewed for Veg Tag/June.

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COOKGIRl June 06, 2012

Delicious served hot with Moroccan Carrot Dip. I used 3/4 cup white and 1-3/4 cup wholemeal bread flours, increased the sugar and oil to 1 tbsp, and sprinkled flax-seeds on top because I didn't have any sesame seed. Since I used wholemeal flour I needed to add almost 1/2 cup more water but of course that is not a fault with the recipe, but I would have preferred if there were better baking instructions. I baked mine at 200ºC/400ºF for 20 mins on the top shelf of a fan oven and then turned the breads over and cooked for 5 mins longer.

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Goldcrest March 23, 2009

Fabulous bread! I served this with Tzipporah's Moroccan Chicken, Saffron Scallion Couscous, Greek Tomato Salad, and an Australian Shiraz. The flavor of the sesame and anise was wonderful. This bread is nicely firm and crisp- wonderful to accompany a meal, but not soft enough to use for Gyros or other sandwiches made on flat bread. I did use a pastry wheel to score the bread and it worked great. I thought all the recipes worked great together and I am keeping this dinner on a menu (Tzipporah's Tangier Treat), to serve again and again. Made for PAC Spring 2008. L~S

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Sue Lau April 27, 2008

I baked this and it was a superb flatbread. The anise and the sesame are a great combination. 20 minutes baking time worked well in my convection oven so it may need an extra few minutes in a regular oven. This would be excellent for a Moroccan themed meal.

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Missy Wombat July 11, 2007
Moroccan Ksra-Bread