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So soft and yeasty a change from the usual pancakes. I did add and extra 1/2 cup of water when mixing the batter and after sitting it was just the right consistency. Made for ZWT 6 by Unrulies Under The Influence

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Sri S. June 18, 2010

was very good outcome but very time consuming for me. I made for suhoor and my hubby enjoyed them and we both love honey on our pancakes anyway. Thanks :) Made for Ramadan Tag 2008

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Jamilahs_Kitchen October 14, 2008

Perfect. We have tried for a few years to make Beghrir and it never quite came out. Now we know how. This recipe is exactly what we've been looking for and the detailed instructions were a huge help. The batter thickened up a tiny bit so I added 1/2 cup of water before pouring out. We used an electric griddle with the temp around 250-275 degees F. I have enought leftover to make more tonight. Thanks Nasseh for a recipe that is sure to become a classic in our house!!

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Cookie16 September 02, 2008

This are delicious pancakes, and the honey syrup is absolutely fantastic. I think the pancake directions might need a bit more information -- after the time spent fermenting, my batter had thickened considerably from when I originally mixed it. Since the instructions only mentioned that initially the batter needs to be runny, I assumed that the thickening must be part of the process. Well, the pancakes I got from the first round or so were very thick, nothing at all like the delicate spongy pancakes that Nasseh had in her picture. And no way were they able to be rolled. So I added more water to the rest of the batter, got it back to the same consistency as before the fermentation. Then they produced the thin, honeycombed pancakes that were intended. I uploaded a comparison picture (kind of like a fashion magazine DO/DON'T picture) of the thin and thick pancakes. Thanks for a delicious breakfast, Nasseh!

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Susiecat too July 05, 2008
Moroccan Honeycomb Pancakes (Beghrir)