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I made these exactly according to the recipe. They are very flavorful, but are hard to get off the pan once they cool a bit so take them off immediately (while they're still piping hot). You don't need any extra liquid if you sift the flour before you measure it and knead the dough until it holds together. In the end, they are a harder, crunchy cookie with a lot of lemon flavor.

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c@teberry June 15, 2009

I totally cheated while making these cookies but the were delicious. I did not have a lemon on hand so I used 1 teaspoon lemon extract instead. I also found that the dough was too crumbly, so because I didn't read the reviews first, I just added a tiny bit of water. Only a little at a time, until I thought that the consistency was correct for a cookie dough. They seemed to turn out fine. The first bite was a little surprising, I guess smelling the cinnamon while baking made me forget about the lemon, haha. I can't wait to make these cookies for my Moroccan habibi. However, I don't think he will be all that impressed because I so cheated, lol. So, even though they probably weren't truly authentic the way I made them, they were still lovely.

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AdrieElla March 10, 2009

I made these cookies with the extra egg as suggested. The dough was delicious and unfortunately much better than the baked cookie. The texture was off and they tasted like they were missing something. I made them again and added a bit of salt which helped somewhat. They really need a little baking powder or something though because they were rather hard and lacking body. Thank you very much for sharing the recipe though. They certainly weren't bad and they were super easy. It was also fun to try a moroccan cookie recipe.

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GibsonGirl.V August 26, 2008

These cookies were very tasty but I wasn't expecting them to be so hard. I prefer soft cookies. But if you are looking for a tasty "snickerdoodle-like" cookie, these are great. Instead of lemon zest, I added a bit of lemon juice. [I did only add one egg and they were a bit crumbly before baked. I baked half of the dough as it was (slightly crumbly) and the rest of the dough I added a bit of oil. The oil did help them stick better but after they were baked both batches of cookies tasted the same. So it would be possible to make them with only one egg but you would have to let the cookie stick together as best as possible and them when its baked it will be fine.]

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Rifka April 04, 2008

I thought these were very good. The name is a little misleading, just because I felt the lemon was a stronger flavor than the cinnamon, but I thought it tasted very good. I probably cooked mine slightly too long as they got pretty hard when cooled, I would check them at 18 minutes. I did add an egg because the dough was so crumbly with only one, I didn't want to risk it not working out, but if anyone else cooks it with just one egg, I'd love to know how it turns out.

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Crocheting Mama June 14, 2007

These cookies are wonderful! They remind me of a cross between a snickerdoodle and the teacakes my Mom in Alabama makes. The kids gobbled them up! I did have to add an extra egg...I was SO glad that I read the review before I made them! The slight citrus flavor and the cinnamon on top make these a delightful depart from the ordinary chocolate chip we have so often. I will absolutely make these again! Thanks for posting! Made for ZWT#3.

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ColCadsMom June 14, 2007

I'm giving them 5 stars cuz the end product was fantastic! The dough didn't come together, so I added one egg (after looking at other similar recipes) and that did the trick!!!! Thanks Caroline...my kids are gobbling them up! I got about 24 cookies.

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Charmie777 June 08, 2007
Moroccan Cinnamon Cookies (Mantecados)