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This has got to be one of the best dishes I have ever tasted! I changed the onions to shallots, and my preserved lemons were Meyer lemons, and I used a cut up chicken so that those who like only white meat could have it. But everything else was as is here, and it is beyond marvelouw! As a friend of mine says, "It tastes like more!", as in "I want more!"

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drdi July 20, 2003

I just made this chicken last night for my husband. I did not eat any myself. The only changes I made were that I put garlic and olive oil on the chicken and let it sit for awhile. I did not skim the fat and did not use cilantro. Also, I let it cook about ten to fifteen minutes extra to thicken the sauce. My husband absolutely loved this chicken and wants me to make it every week! Thank you so much for this recipe!

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yestheypayme2dothis April 04, 2008

this was delish! i also added a pinch of saffron threads, crumbled, to the chicken mixture. i omitted the olives. i served this with garlic noodles, that i added a bit of the preserved lemons & cilantro to.

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cheryl.reddick June 22, 2009

wonderful. V easy but unusual. had fresh ginger but not ground so used about 2 tablespoons. served with cous-cous. im going to do it again - family, including 2 year old, approved

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southwold October 13, 2007

This was really tasty! I will definitely make again. Next time I think I will leave out the olives as this was a little salty for my tastes. It worked well over rice, though, to distribute the saltiness.

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Zee July 31, 2007

What a surprise! I must admitt, I do have my own recipe for chicken with olives and lemons, so I wondered if there would be any difference between the two recipes. Boy, there was a difference! The combinatin of the spices was very good, a little hot from the ginger, salty from the olives and of course the wonderful flavour of the lemons! I added one more cup of broth, we do like lots of sauce for dipping the bread in, but otherwise followed the recipe exactly. We had an unexpected guest for dinner, the kind of "No experiments, please, my mom cooks best!"-guy, he even asked for seconds...Five stars from my husband, this recipe is a real keeper!! (Next to mine ;-) )

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Halalmom March 11, 2007

I used chicken wings in making this recipe and since I didnt have preserved lemons, used the lemon extract instead (the one for cooking). As for the olives, I used manzanillo and no cilantro. Overall, it tastes good and I went Moroccan all the way by eating it with Moroccan couscous. :) Thanks for posting this recipe!

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Pneuma October 13, 2006

Hey Mirj. Just got down from the table from eating this. It was wonderful. I love it when I make something new and when I bite into it, there is an explosion of flavour. I made this exactly as you posted it...using your 'Preserved Lemons', even (must be fun getting 2 different reviews in one day, from one person). This was a very easy dish to make, very aromatic while cooking, very moist. Full of rich, sweet, slightly bitter )from the olives...yum), tart flavours. I've found a new food love. Moroccan :-) I really must search for more. Thank you Mirj, for a great recipe.

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L. Duch March 12, 2006
Moroccan Chicken with Preserved Lemons