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SPECTACULAR! It was supposed to serve 4 people but my friend and I ate the whole thing! The only changes I made was I added 1 teaspoon of paprika and 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon. Also, before placing it in the oven I mixed it with a small amount of chopped parsley. Since i don't own a dutch oven (getting one soon) I used a large pan to brown the chicken thighs and cook the vegetables and rice. Then I transferred everything into a casserole dish and popped it into the oven. Also, I unfortunately did not have enough chicken so mine was lacking in chicken. Either way, this dish is an absolute treasure! The spices were not overpowering at all and filled my dining room with an exotic aroma. The meat was perfectly cooked and very tender. I'm actually very sad right now since I'm finishing the very last bit of rice and chicken. Don't worry, I'll be making more very soon! I recommend this to EVERYONE! it's easy and DELICIOUS!

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DJ Supersoda January 07, 2009
Moroccan Chicken Pilaf