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Made a vegetarian version of this using Quorn vegan chicken cutlets. This recipe has it all: Herb, spices, LOADED WITH FLAVOR and LOADED WITH VEGGIES, PROTEIN and CALCIUM. I don't know why the nutrition calculator showes so much fat... that's TOTALLY wrong! This is a VERY LEAN dish! If you're using the non-fat yogurt as specified, the only fat would be from the Olive oil and divided by 4 servings the fat is miniscule. (And Olive Oil is a GOOD fat) BOTTOM LINE: This is VERY HEALTHY AND DELISH! This is another recipe I will be working into my healthy eating repetoir and I think if you try this (vegetarian or with real chicken) you will agree and want to make this on a regulars basis too. ALSO: this is a very impressive recipe for entertaining! Who says food that's good for you has to be bland? Thanks diner524!

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SugarHATER November 21, 2010
Moroccan Chicken Kebabs