Moraccan Oatmeal

Total Time
5 mins
10 mins

has middle eastern flavors

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  1. dry toast the oatmeal and pine nuts add spices ,dont burn
  2. add water and dried fruit add sugar
  3. stirring constantly
  4. you may need more water as fruit sucks it up.
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Well what we liked about this recipe was also what made my oatmeal somewhat unattractive. We liked having the oatmeal, pine nuts and spices toasted just till fragrant (take note the will burn fast if not watched). I made as written and think that in the future will leave the brown sugar out as there is enough dried fruit. Another thing we like is how thick this was I used the amount of water called for and it turned out nice and tick so if you like thinner oatmeal you may want to add more water. Thanks for the post.

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What a morning delight this is. I have oatmeal most mornings but this one was something special. Loved all of the flavors coming together like a small symphony for the mouth. Quick and easy to make you won't be sorry for trying this. Lovely way to brighten your morning. :D

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This was tasty. I used 1/4 cup mixed dried fruits instead of the individual fruits. I think I'd leave the tumeric out - the yellow tinge is off-putting. Also, it's really easy to burn. Made for ZWT.