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Wow, what a tasty treat!! However, I am only giving this four stars because I had a lot of issues with the foundation of this recipe. It didn't form well (perhaps 3 cups is not enough flour and maybe 3 is too many eggs?) and it took longer to cook than the stated 20 minutes. I am a first time baker, and I was hoping for a fool proof recipe - but I found myself struggling. However, prior to making this I had made Mrs. Macnab’s Scones and it turned out beautifully (not to mention it was easy and delicious). From here on out, I will be using Mrs. Macnab's Scones for my foundation recipe and adding Monty's Spinach-Cheese Scones' additional ingredients from there. Otherwise, this was YUMMY (I ate three as soon as they finished cooking, and I still wanted more!)

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Peachie Keene July 20, 2009
Monty's Spinach-Cheese Scones