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Here is a happy OAMC story. I made this kit last Sunday. Friday, I had to leave town for two nights. I told my 18 year old son... who hates peppers and onions in anything... that he should pick a frozen meal out of the freezer so that he can cook it on Saturday. He picked this one. I did not mention the peppers and onions. I came home today and his meal was a big hit! He left me one serving so that I could try it. He told his father that usually he wouldn't eat peppers and onions, but since he cooked it, he was willing to try. They both loved it. So thanks! My 18 yr old now eats peppers and onions. Also, I did not freeze the tomatoes/broth/rice/cheese for freezer space reasons. But I set these items aside knowing they were for this recipe. I always have that stuff on hand anyway.

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DriveThruDodger July 17, 2008
Monterey Chicken Freezer Dinner Kit