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tres' retro. i think i made the exact reicpe from my mc calls cookbook in 1974, but i like the addition of a teaspoon of coffe. i did add the dash of allspice, that i remebrered well.. this brought back memories of my youth, thanks heather

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chia May 07, 2003

First let me say how wonderful these meatballs were. I don't care if they were Swedish or not they were delicious !!! I was going to only make half the meatball mixture and the full amount of gravy for it. But I found the mixture was way to wet with that amount of breadcrumbs and cream so I had added in the rest of the meat and went with a full batch without adding in any more cream or breadcrumbs. I had added in about a tsp of basil, oregano and Italian seasonings with the parsley. I didn't have a skillet large enough for that many meatballs at one time so I had used a dutch oven to saute them in after I had browned them in batches. The flavor of these meatballs were just so moist and tasty and the gravy was WOW....I should of doubled the gravy it was that delicious and I wished there was more to scoop up with the mashed potatoes. But it was reduced after the simmering, so wasn't too much gravy....But all these flavors combined were so good. Other than the bread crumb and cream mixture should of been half of what recipe says....these were fantastic. Thanks for sharing your wonderful recipe HeatherFeather we loved them. Also they freeze absolutely great.
Update: Just wanted to say how great these taste over Israel Couscous !! I just love them.

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FrenchBunny March 18, 2011

Just made the meatballs, TRUE! As BEEF, VEAL & PORK mince was wickedly on sale too! HOPE you are sitting down when you read, I doubled the recipe, makes a BIG feed! lol 181 balls this did make...divided by 21.00 (total)...OMG for goodness sake! .116 cents per each one! OH my goodness, did I have fun! This will make SO many meals, NOW I know how frugal feels lol THANKS! LOVE to come back and make again, Hubby is already asking WHEN? Will make complete recipe, when I do try, TRUE! THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU! NOTE: Used full cream milk too, and because I ran out of parsley, made mix combo of 1/2 (of the 1/4 cup) parsley, 1/2 oregano, 1/2 (of the 1/4 cup) basil and italian herbs...thought was interesting to do...HELPFUL HINT? Makes sure the mixture is mixed VERY WELL through! I love doing things like that by hand, TRUE! These meatballs MADE MY DAY too! THANKS AGAIN!

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mickeydownunder January 08, 2010

THis was awesome! I tweaked it a lil to our tastes but basically sticked to the recipe! I will definitely be making this again!

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iNEEDaCOFFEEbreak January 13, 2007

These were very good. I followed the recipe as instructed but also added 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce. I think the bread crumbs could have been cut down to 1 cup. The left over meatballs I added to a tomato sauce. Which tasted great.

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Rita~ December 18, 2003
Mom's Swedish Style Meatballs