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I really enjoyed these. As a child we put curry into egg salad sandwich mix, and the taste of these brought that back. The tomato stack makes it good as alight lunch too so long as you dont eat all 6 as i did :) Just a tip from AB on hard boiling eggs, tried it last night and it worked a treat. Place them in the bottom of your electric kettle (uh one with a real lid not just a spout, and after its boiled, let sit 12 minutes. That way they don't over boil and get rubbery.

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MarraMamba September 02, 2007

these were a different twist to deviled eggs for sure. they were good but i guess a little too busy for the likes of my household. we like our eggs a little more simple but they were interesting. i omitted the tomatoes for easiness to eat reasons. most of them got eaten but some remained. they were fun to try though... for a change.

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sprue January 23, 2006

At the moment, all I can think is, "Will wonders never cease?" I am an American living in Nigeria where I have found it very difficult to get guests here to eat anything with mayonnaise in it. I just thought I would just put these eggs on the buffet table for color and to show off a lovely glass plate I brought from home. At gatherings I have attended, deviled eggs just tend to sit left behind on the table. However, these were gone in a twinkling of an eye. I had to refill the plate immediately because people were saying, "Delicious!" Nigerians eating mayonnaise-based eggs. Hey! I can't believe it!

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wunmi's Mom July 13, 2005

I fixed these for a potluck and they disappeared quickly. I didn't have the tomatoes, so I just garnished the eggs on a plate with parsley (which also disappeared). I fixed them the day before and used a LOT more mayonnaise to make them as creamy as I like them. When I tasted the filling, I thought that the onion and garlic was going to be much too strong; but by the next morning, the flavors had blended beautifully.

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Donna Matthews June 12, 2005
Mom's Stuffed Eggs Tomato Stack