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I made this for my first quiche (I'd eaten them before, but never made one), and for my friend's first quiche (to eat). It was received very well! I made it with cottage cheese, colby jack, frozen spinach, (prefried) onions and green peppers, garlic, salt and pepper. It was SOOOO good! Easily the best I've ever had! I'm going to add brocolli the next time I make it.

You can see (whenever the photo shows up) that I made it in a 9x13 Pyrex. I did this because I wanted a double recipe, and because these have a lid, and I enjoy lids!

This really hit the mark! It was DELICIOUS!

In all, I used six eggs and 10 oz of frozen spinach, the smaller container of cottage cheese and half a bag of shredded cheese.

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Panda84 July 17, 2010

This is a great recipe that is quick and easy. I ususally have the ingredients on hand and can throw it together, then pop it in the oven. By the time it's done, I have my other items on the table, kitchen cleaned up and ready to get compliments on the meal! Last time I used broccoli instead of the spinach (no crust) and it turned out great. I baked it in my 10" Corning dish (1-2" sides). I only have to bake it about 30 to 35 minutes when baking it in this dish. I just posted a picture of it with some mushrooms and orange pepper slices on top. Tastes as good as it looks!

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Been There, Baked That July 09, 2008

It's delicious, it's easy, it's goes with everything. What more could you ask for? Even my kids like it. I could see putting a tomato sauce over it to serve, but it's not really necessary. (I just like to put salsa on everything.) I make it without the crust, and leftovers reheat well the next day with a brief trip to the oven. Thanks!

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Chef MB April 12, 2008
Mom's Spinach Quiche