Mom's Souper Easy Pie Pastry

Total Time
Prep 15 mins
Cook 30 mins

I have given this receipe to begginer cooks as well as experianced it is the best pastry , It never falls apart when rolling , And is the most flaky and is Excellent to pass on to friends,

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Put 4 cups of flour into a mixing bowl ,Reserve last cup
  2. add salt mix together
  3. add 1 lb shortning cut into flour till crumbly.With pasty blender
  4. add 1 cup orange juice ,I use tang or orange crystals for this receipe
  5. I have used real orange juice both work fine
  6. Mix all together use remaining cup of flour on the counter for rolling add more if needed
  7. This receipe makes 2 double crust pies.
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The only thing I can say is GREAT I Have never came accross a pastry so easy and flakey .. and easy to roll i will never make any other pastry receipe again this is a must for any pie OMG it is so GREAT

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AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME After several attemps at making crust I finally tried this one. I was skeptical as i was making meat pies, but wow crust was awesome. Does not crack, is not goopy nice taste yummy good recipe kim My favorite also your chicken bake yummy you are a great cook...Tina

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Wow the reviews are right This is easy and Excellent !!! WOW easy to roll and the idea it freezes well is great !! this is the first time i made pastry with orange juice but the results are perfect flaky ,Easy,and great for anyone thanks