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WARNING: This salad dressing might not fit your tastes. Proceed with caution! :) My brother and I had one choice of dressing for our salads growing up...Mom's. I've tried for years to get her to give up the recipe but all she would say is "Sissy, I don't measure. You have to make this one from your memories." This is my attempt to create the dressing I grew up with and loved! It's not for everyone but it sure is a hit in our family. (My brother pretty much refuses to eat any salad without it.) Thanks Mom!

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  1. Mix all ingredients together and chill for at least 4 hours.
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I made it only for me because DH doesn't like dressing with mayonnaise. I liked the taste. I had it with a mix of romaine lettuce. I liked the tangyness of the red wine vinegar mixed with the mayo. Thanks rickoholic :) Made for PAC Fall 2012

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What a simple yet perfect creamy salad dressing!!! I made it scaled back for the 2 of us and did add some salt, pepper and garlic salt, just delish! I served mine over a tossed salad that was a side for our steak dinner. I am not sure that it made it the full 4 hours of chill time, but it didn't matter as it was so tasty with the amount of time I had it in the fridge. This will be another dressing I will use instead of my normal vinegar/oil homemade dressing. Thanks for sharing a keeper. Made for PRMR Tag Game.

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Wow, this was delicious and easy and ingredients easily kept on hand! What could be better? I prepared 1/2 of the recipe and served it over a spinach salad and it was wonderful. I also used Hellmann's brand of mayo. I will definitely try the serving suggestions made by the other viewers. I am just begining to try homemade dressings instead of store bought and just love the freshness of homemade! Thanks Rickoholic83!