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I gave this three stars only because i am giving this the benefit of the doubt that my eye of round was not the same quality as everyone else's. I followed the directions exactly and when it was done and I sliced it and it looked like heaven! But when I tasted it, it was so tough and chewy and needed salt or something because it was very bland. I looked online to see how others make this roast since I have never made an eye of round before and all I saw was crock pot recipes. I cannot serve this tough meat for dinner, so I threw this in my crock pot and am hoping to salvage by cooking through slowly in there, otherwise i wil have wasted this roast for nothing. It was also very pale and needed to be seared on the stove for some color before it goes in the oven or something because the outside was still an unappetizing pale yellow with the flour and all when it was done. I had no juices either until I cut into the roast and it was very juicy, but the meat was very tough. I have to defrost something else for dinner now. What a disappointment for me because I was so excited to make this. Maybe like I said, the cut of meat was inferior, I don't know, but this method didn't work for me. Sorry.

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Mary N. May 15, 2009

This produced a very tender and juicy medium-rare roast. I had a 5 1/2 pound roast, and roasted it at 325 degrees (as the recipe stated), and it took nearly 1 hour and 40 minute to roast through. But in the end, it was very tasty. I did make the gravy, and it was perfect (not too thin, not to thick). Thanks for posting your mother's recipe, Bow.

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NorthwestGal May 01, 2009

I had a 5 lb Eye roast and in order to get the temperature you see in the photo I cooked it at 350 degress for 1.5 hours and tented for 30 minutes. DH has declared this his favorite roast recipe. I sliced it paper thin and served with a packaged brown gravy that I added the brown bits from the pan to. I had zero pan juices. Also, patting the meat dry is key to getting the butter to adhere properly. I will do a lighter dusting of flour next time and add more seasoning to the flour. I forgot the onion powder because although listed in the ingredients it was not listed in the directions and I just forgot it. Thank you for sharing. Made for Spring 2009 PAC

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Brenda. April 26, 2009
Mom's Roast Beef