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Tried this on Sunday evening w/a 12 lb. turkey--outstanding! Mine actually looked kind of brown. However, you are so right about the moist and tender meat. No fuss, but really tasty turkey! Thanks!

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LuvToEat June 16, 2009

It is like we grew up in the same house. A TURKEY IS JUST A LARGE CHICKEN! Keep it simple. You nailed it. My only further recommendation is to cook it in a roaster so you have the oven for casseroles and reheating.

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judijo November 28, 2013

You are absolutely right that cooking it breast-down is the only way to go. The flavor is just soooo much better. I have no idea who decided breast-up was the "right" way, but shame on them! I'm not giving this a rating because I do actually put a couple of carrots, celery stalks, and onion in the cavity of the bird. I also smear it with either olive oil or butter and sprinkle salt, pepper, and sometimes some rosemary or thyme on the outside. I think that adds a huge difference to the overall flavor and only takes about 5 minutes of effort. I did want to add support for the cooking method, though, as it is really the best. No basting is nice as well!

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mamere94 June 26, 2013
Mom's Perfect Roast Turkey