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I used this on sirloin steak that was a bit old. I reduced the seasoning salt to 1 tablespoon, used low sodium salt, and Better than Beef Bouillon. The steak were marinated overnight, then grilled in what the prelude to what I hope is our last "snow event" of this winter. The steak was very flavorful. Thanks for sharing. Made for Best of 2013 tag.

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GibbyLou March 02, 2014

Yummy! I marinated my steak overnight and reduced the amount of seasoning based on prior reviews. Because of the weather, I grilled this on a stove top grill pan. Very nice marinade. Thanks for sharing. Made for Best of 2013 Tag.

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lazyme February 11, 2014

This was excellent! I marinated last night, and made this for lunch today. I actually made 2 smallish flank steaks, but there was more than enough marinade for them both. (I turned and tossed them a few times in the baggie over the course of approx 15 hours). I used another reviewers advice and cut the seasoning salt down to 1 tablespoon. I'm glad I did. Between the beef broth, seasoning salt and soy sauce, it was plenty salty! I made them under my oven broiler (since it is storming here), but they worked out great! I sliced one thinly, across the grain, and used it on top of crisp, fresh salads for hubby and I. we both loved it. The other I am saving to have for dinner tomorrow night and eat as a "steak". I plan to make some fried onion slices in EVOO and Lawry's seasoning salt (those are the best) to serve over the top. Thank you for posting such a terrific marinade. I plan to use it again. (Made for PAC - Spring 2013)

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rosie316 May 02, 2013

OMG!!! The smell of this meat while it was being grilled was so good!!! I made it for dinner for our DS and his girlfriend and we were all drooling from the smell while DH grilled it, which also was cooked to perfection, medium-rare to medium throughout the steak!! I am giving it 5 stars despite it being too salty. I thought, as I was making this marinade, that 6 teaspoons (2 Tablespoons) seasoned salt was going to be too much(even though I love salt and especially Lawry's seasoned salt), but thought maybe with the amount of beef broth it would dilute it enough, but all 4 of us found it too salty. Next time, and there will be a next time, I would use about half of all the ingredients(as I felt it made more then needed for the amount of steak) and then 1/2 the seasoned salt again. Also suggest using low sodium soy sauce and next time will use "Better then Beef Bouillon"(has 1/3 less salt then normal bouillons) rather then a canned beef broth. This has a wonderful flavor combination and think had I used my initial gut feeling and gone less salt, it would have been one of the best marinated flanks steaks!! Thanks so much for sharing the recipe. Made for 2013 "Pick A Chef" event.

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diner524 March 31, 2013
Mom's Marinated Flank Steak