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I made this last night,and of all the hot chocolate mixes I have made(and there have been alot!)This one is the best.It is more chocolatey(is that a word?)than the others.It also seems to dissolve better in the hot water.I will make this one from now on.

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Divinemom5 March 01, 2002

Amazing! I ended up making 2 batches of this at Christmas time to give out as a party favor at our annual Progressive Dinner. We had the dessert course & we served it for our signature drink, along with a shot of Amarula liquer (similar to Baileys) for an extra kick! For the powdered milk, 11 cups is the 25.6oz box (725g); for the nesquick, the large 2 lb jar I got made the 2 lb measurement close to 7 cups. I used the large box of pudding. It made so much I had to use a large bowl & roasting pan to mix just 1 batch. I then did as many recommended & put it through my food processor to get a finer powder. This will be my new Christmas tradition! It is by far the best powdered mix I have ever had! So many people said that also. It is great in coffee too. Thanks!

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Alesha Ann January 09, 2012

I should have left a review 4 years ago. I make this a couple times a year. I have to triple the batch. When friends find out that I'm making this they start giveing donations of ingredients and money to make theirs. I have found the flavored coffee creamers make a nice twist to the original flavor. But the original is the most popular. My favorite thing is to add cinamon sugar to the original (per mug). I also put this mix in a blender to make it finer and easier to melt. When I make my batches I put them in doubled up gallon zip lock bags. They are dbl b/c if there is a small hole I don't want these ingredients all over me as I mix. This stuff can get messy if you don't prep right..believe me I know lol..been there done that.

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klepard December 03, 2009

This is the best recipe I have ever tasted! I used it to make teacher gifts this year at Christmas. Thank-you for this one, it's a keeper.

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Brenda January 31, 2003

One 25.6 oz box of powdered milk is just over 10 cups, for anybody who might be interested- I had two boxes so I did go with the full 11 cups. I used a 30 oz container of Nestle Quick, my cocoa powder was Hersheys Special Dark and I used a large box of Chocolate Fudge pudding (the recipe didn't specify what size box). This wonderful, rich and VERY chocolately! A whole batch makes A LOT of mix... I guess I knew it would but seeing it all put together was a shocking- and I processing in the blender seemed to take forever- but is well worth it. I plan on giving some away in holiday goody baskets.

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Nickeletta November 25, 2006

Very rich and creamy! Make sure you have a BIG bowl cause it's a lot to mix. This recipe filled 8 pint sized jars with a little left over for 2 cups of hot chocolate.

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BeatnikIvy November 26, 2009

The air is running and I'm sipping hot chocolate. I have to get under the fan now, but you gotta love Texas! This was great stuff! I halved it and used 2 tablespoons of sweet chocolate in place of the plain cocoa. I think the folks that complained about it not being sweet enough were maybe using more than 2/3 cup water. On my first 2 cups, I used 1 cup water and they were not very sweet. With the first one, I added some additional powdered sugar and it was too sweet. On that magical third try, "I followed the directions" and it was plenty sweet. And, yes, I have a very well-developed sweet tooth. Actually, the third cup was almost too sweet and I began to think maybe I shouldn't have used the sweet chocolate. On the final try, I added a package of Kraft miniature marshmallows to the mix (remember I halved it) and used 3/4 cup water to 1/3 cup mix and it was absolutely perfect. Very rich and creamy, not too sweet, dissolved great and was very smooth. Much better than store bought. Caryn, thank you for posting! I will be making this one again!!!

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Rose is Rose October 18, 2007

Totally fattening, totally full of sugar and totally delicious. I made this last week and I LOVE IT! It tastes like gourmet hot chocolate. I'm one of those that uses 2 to 3 pkgs of that stuff you buy in the store in one cup because I like my hot chocolate RICH, CREAMY and THICK. This mix fits the bill on all counts! Adding the pudding mix make it thicken and the coffee creamer adds additional thickness. I didn't measure out all the ingredients. I just used the whole box of dry milk (27 or so oz.), the whole 15oz. creamer and the 21 oz (I think it was around 21 oz.) of the Nesquick. I also used a rounded T.'s of the cocoa powder. It worked just fine by doing that, but please please get a huge bowl to mix in. I didn't use the blender as some suggested and I found that the ingredients dissolved just fine in hot water and I didn't have any globs at the bottom. Thank your Mom Caryn, she's genius!

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waytooafoodie January 16, 2012

This is absolutely the BEST!!! Super-rich and chocolatey, and it dissolves so easily when mixed with hot water! (Unlike many of the mixes I've made!) I incorporated 4 cups of mini marshmallows into the mix, and poured the mix into clear glass canisters for gifts. (The canisters have a winter design.) This makes a huge amount, and can easily be halved if necessary. If making the amount in the recipe, I would suggest using either one REALLY big bowl, or divide the ingredients into two large bowls. Alternatively, a kitchen garbage bag can be used. (Make sure you tie it tightly, then shake till thoroughly combined.) This recipe is a hot chocolate lover's dream; smooth, creamy, delicious! I'm tossing out all my other hot chocolate recipes, and I won't be bothering with the store-bought from now on. Many thanks for sharing, Caryn!

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truebrit December 28, 2004

It's just after Thanksgiving and I've already made two batches. Every time the kids have friends over they want to have hot cocoa with them. They LOVE it. I've been making it with the chocolate mini-chips added in.

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Seven Wonders December 02, 2009
Mom's Hot Chocolate Mix