Mom's Goulash- Awesome!! Feed an Army W/ 3 Cheap Ingredients

Total Time
2 mins
15 mins

Tomato soup goulash: It's easy and takes NO time to make!! This has fed a family of 4 boys and me with enough for seconds!!

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  1. While water is boiling for noodles cook and drain ground beef.
  2. Add large can of soup to cooked and drained noodles.
  3. Mix in meat.
  4. EAT and get STUFFED!
  5. Use the small can for leftovers- Or add to taste. Double the recipe for larger families.
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This was perfect for a quick and easy dinner. I just used the 26 ounce can of tomato soup (condensed), and I added the salt and pepper and onion to the ground beef when I cooked it. However, I did have to add pepper at the table to give this some more flavor. I thought this was decent- I did eat a ton and get stuffed! But, my brother really didn't care for it. I always feel bad when there is someone at the table who basically goes without a good meal because of me! Since I thought it was ok, I give it a 4. It fed the 6 of us, and that is because I had sooo much! Thanks!

Loved it. I added a couple of squirts of Rasberry Walnut salad dressing to the meat when frying it. Added just a little more flavor. Served it with pork and beans and cresent rolls (which is all I had on hand for sides). All tasted great together and the rolls were good for sopping up the juices.

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I love this stuff. I grew up on it. The only difference is my mom used elbow macaroni and added dark red kidney beans. So good, easy, and cheap.