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These are so cute, so tasty, so crisp! They're lovely. I made half a batch, following the recipe carefully, using half molasses and half honey. I used toasted almonds as the nuts. I did look at other similar recipes, and noticed that a lot of them contained eggs, which this one does not. I was a little concerned about that, but they turned out fine. I did get about 13 dozen for the half batch, so the yield is quite accurate, too. These don't spread very much, so it is possible to place the pieces of dough relatively close to each other. I shaped the dough into rolls about the diameter of a nickle, cut them, then briefly rounded them off with my hands. Maybe because I often make bread with sticky dough, this dough didn't seem all that sticky to me. And I think I got the measurements correct, but these didn't seem so very spicy to me. The flavor is nice, just not very strong, IMO. That may just be old taste buds, though. Thank you very much for this special recipe. Please thank your mother for me, too.

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mianbao January 31, 2014
Mom's Fabulous Pfeffernuesse