Mom's Exceptionally Hot Tabasco Sauce

Total Time
504hrs 15mins
15 mins
504 hrs

I dearly love gardening. I especially enjoy growing peppers. Tabasco peppers are such fun. They are the most wonderful color and so small. Who would expect them to be so hot! Although Jalapenos are my favorite in flavor, Tabascos are my favorite to grow for my loved ones who like HOT! It is ready when finished, but best if it is allowed to stand.

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  1. Start with a glass canning jar filled halfway with white vinegar.
  2. Daily pick the bright orange Tabascos.
  3. Wear latex glove on squeezing hand!
  4. Pick up pepper by stem with other hand.
  5. Squeeze juice into jar, and drop in pepper.
  6. When jar is completely full, strain and decant into bottles with tiny spouts.
  7. I do not process as I use sterile jars, and it is a vinegar solution.
  8. Use with discretion.