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Hey Sandy, we must have been neighbors growing up, cuz this is JUST how my Mom made hers! LOL And she made the best gravy in the world. She did use a bone-in chuck roast as she believed the bone added some extra depth. Sometimes bone-in is hard to find, but either works just fine. I also add some Italian Seasoning and some Lawry's salt. I just discovered Wondra flour, prior to that I always tossed the flour in a jar with a bit of water or beef broth and shake it all up, then add to the pan juices. (that's how Mom taught me.) Never had any lumps that way. Your description about stirring the gravy FEVERISHLY cracks me up, cuz I rememember as a little girl being asked to stir the gravy. I felt that I could not stop stirring for one second and took my job quite seriously. LOL I urge everyone to try this simple, yet delicious roast. Thanks, Sandi, for a great recipe and taking me down memory lane.

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Scoutie February 07, 2009
Mom's Chuck Roast - My Favorite!