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Just WOW! This recipe is the real deal. I halved the recipe and still had enough to freeze for another day. It was a cold and rainy day, which led my decision to spend the day playing in the kitchen. This recipe was the centerpiece of the menu. I started out by grinding my own beef and pork, then followed the instructions to the letter. These really are restaurant quality and will be my go to recipe for guests. I served with brown rice, fresh baby lima beans and homemade bread. Made for the Cook-a-Thon in memory of pammyowl. RIP

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Deely November 14, 2013

I scaled the recipe back to make a 1/4 of the recipe and got 20 35gram meatballs so had enough for 3 of us and some left over when served over pasta. I did have to use half thick cream and hi lo milk to make the sauce and it was still very rich so much so that I could only eat 3 of my meatballs and half the pasta but the meatballs were absolutely delicious. Made in pammyowls memory for here cookathon.

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I'mPat November 28, 2013

Excellent recipe! I made these for dinner for just hubby and I, so I halved the recipe, and we still have a lot left-over. All the ingredients are pretty basic, and this was extremely easy to prepare (just a little time consuming, but well worth it). I originally planned to make these as an appetizer for Christmas, so when I do, I will definitely make the entire batch (I'm sure they will go quick). For last nights dinner, I served the meatballs and gravy over wide egg noodles. And I, too, added a splash of Kitchen Bouquet to the gravy for a tad bit of color and a little boost of flavor. Made in memory of my dear friend Pammy.

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rosie316 November 21, 2013

These are utterly delicious! Although we usually don't eat pork, I did use the pork in this recipe, and we definitely liked it very much. In place of the half and half I used almond cream, also I used gluten free breadcrumbs. I'll make these again! Thanks for sharing :)
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Mia in Germany December 05, 2012

My son got home from college tonight at 8, and Swedish meatballs is one of his favorite recipes. I made the meatballs last night, so all I had to do was make the sauce tonight. I used 2 lbs ground chuck and 1 lb ground pork (I had a 1 lb pkg), so scaled the recipe accordingly. This made a ton of meatballs!! So tonight I made half the sauce and used half the meatballs....now this was for 2 people, and the recipe says 10-12. I had 4 meatballs over noodles, my DS ate the rest. I'd say the recipe was a success. The remaining meatballs will be frozen and shipped back to college with him in a cooler after the holiday weekend! I'll give him the sauce recipe. Too dark and late for photos tonight....sorry! Thanks for sharing! Made for Newest tag game.

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breezermom November 20, 2012
Mom's Christmas Swedish Meatballs