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My husband had a good description for these cupcakes, "benign". They weren't bad, and they weren't great, they were good. Nothing out of the ordinary, a good result for a quick and easy recipe. Nothing I would be proud of, but okay overall.

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Marilyn2011 August 02, 2012

I just made these this morning. The recipe is probably the easiest scratch recipe I've tried. I did however, separate the wet and dry ingredients. I substituted buttermilk for the water and vinegar (for those of you subbing milk for water and adding vinegar, you are basically making buttermilk). I also added a half a cup of semi sweet morsels (which was all I had on hand). The cupcake was very moist. I did find it crumbly, but not in a bad way. They were good cupcakes. I am going to make another batch this afternoon and I will probably add some cocoa and use milk chocolate chips instead. I'll let you know how it turns out. Thank you for the recipe!

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footekk July 27, 2012

Pretty simple to make, which is good for me because I'm not much of a baker. Made these for Father's Day....added a tad bit more sugar, and chocolate chips after reading reviews.

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alohanoa June 17, 2012

Easy enough cupcake recipe, I used a bit of milk after reading other comments. The cupcakes look nice and taste great, but they were very crumbly, as in upon cutting into them, there was almost a hollowness that allowed the cupcake to kind of fall apart. Also, I was a little leery at the word "vinegar", as I never had heard of using that ingredient in cupcakes before. However they tasted fine, and not too sweet. I added some chocolate cream cheese frosting and all was well!

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bugsbakedtreats June 13, 2012

This is an amazing cupcake recipe. I don't think it needs any changes for milk - or added chocolate chips. But that's because I thought it was a very nice, light chocolate cake. I'm not a fan of things being overly chocolatey, or overly rich. So if you like a light cake, keep the recipe the same as printed. If you would like it richer, follow some of the users comments to modify it. Either way I'm sure it is absolutely delicious!

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Kinkerbelle June 12, 2012

Awesome recipe! As some members suggested, I substituted milk for water and added 1/2 cup of chocolate chips, and they came out great! Very moist, very chocolatey, but not too rich. I baked them for 20 minutes and that was perfect. Thanks! :)

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melzo181 November 20, 2011

I need a no fail cupcake recipe for my younger daughter's first birthday (at somewhat the last minute I realized it really would kill me for someone else to make her first "birthday cake"). This recipe really was awesome! Moist cake and nicely chocolate-y. I am using the recipe again for a layer cake this weekend for my older daughter's birthday. I used cream instead of the water, but really like how this recipe is so allergy friendly as it is already no dairy and no egg! And so good! Thank you!

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Dwynnie August 11, 2011

I just finished making 2 dozen of these awesome cupcakes for my daughters dessert party.This was my first time to do a cc from scratch and went and addeded it to my favs. I like to make alterations I like to work with spelt flour so for my 3rd dozen cc (for hubbies birthday) I went and produced awesome spelt choc cc and they too were awesome they took 20 min to bake but all else was normal I choose a buttercream frosting and my daughter decorated them to her desires.Happy and pleased with the recipe.

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goulding April 07, 2011

followed the recipe exactly and mine turned out to be a runny mess.....booooo Baked for 24 mins and not even close to good.

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PrincessMommy in Ontario May 11, 2015

I realized this was a recipe for dark chocolate cupcakes. I do not mind, but my fiance does not like dark chocolate...Of course I realized after I had tasted the mix....I added more sugar. Which helped, about half of a 1/3 cup plus a little more. I did put chocolate chips which I now regret...they all pretty much sank because the batter is not very thick...(I am hoping that is how it was meant to turn out, they baked fine...wish I waited to add the chocolate chips..)... I used foil liners and they stuck to it. I do not know if that is why... I did put three in and put oil in the liners with those...it did not make much of a difference, my fiance liked them. We have frosting(store bought already made), he loves it with. I do not plan on making these again....or may half the amount(6) without chocolate chips....to see if they do not stick to the liners. Also for those wondering, I filled these almost to the top(about 3/4 full) of the liners...they did not rise too much, so it was a good amount. I am giving it three stars because I am not too fond of the taste...by the way... Also because the way the instructions are written...Should have added a bit more..or pointers...just saying...

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Anonymous April 06, 2015
Mom's Chocolate Cupcakes