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This was a shocking loaf of bread! I couldn't believe how light and airy and delicious the thing was. It rose like a champ. For years I've been searching for a great loaf of 100% whole wheat bread. I didn't believe a loaf at this level was even possible. Wow! I used lard, sugar, and malt vinegar. I followed all measurements and directions exactly. When I checked my dough to make sure it was creating a smooth ball, it required a little splash of water. Sorry, I don't know how much. I had a bit at the bottom of the measuring cup and just sort of slopped a splash of that into the ABM as it kneaded. Anyway.... Yeah, this loaf also sliced beautifully. I signed up for Food.com after years of using it and the previous incarnation Recipezaar just to be able to support this outstanding recipe and its amazing results. THANK YOU, Sweet Baboo!!!! Deserves 10 stars.

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Ermitania April 11, 2012

An outstanding loaf of bread!! The texture of this bread is unbelievable - light and airy, unlike any 100% WW loaf I've seen before! I used butter and honey, and chose to use the dough option on my abm and then let it rise in a normal bread pan and bake at 350 for 28 minutes. DH, who usually says things are "good", said this bread was "gorgeous" and "smelled beautiful." Not bad from a guy of few words, normally! Thanks for posting this, it's definately a keeper - can't wait to try your multigrain loaf! Made for PRMR Tag.

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Katzen April 10, 2010

this bread is really good . i made it without bread maker i heated up oven to 450 and when put bread in 425 degrees and it took 25 minutes in my oven , it has great crumb if you are looking for wheat bread try this one . i used malt vinegar and butter

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Dienia B. April 24, 2012
Mom's 100% Whole Wheat Air Loaf in Abm