Total Time
Prep 10 mins
Cook 0 mins

We usually use with chicken. My neices ask for this by name "Momma's Special Chicken". (One of them at the age of 3 ate a whole chicken!) Marinate overnight and put it on the GRILL !


  1. Depending on how much meat I have I usually have to either double or triple this recipe The longer your meat marinates the better it tastes.
  2. This recipe was originally for salmon, but I think it can be used universally.
  3. I've also used this same recipe for steak and chicken.
  4. It is wonderful.
Most Helpful

I used it on shrimp and even though it turned them a bit brown they tasted great. Can't wait to try it on some beef. Thank you.

Katanashrp October 29, 2012

Why haven't I reviewed this before? I've used it on both chicken and steaks and it is a terrific marinade. Thanks for posting.

Tierney's Mom August 03, 2007