Mom & Dad Deviled Eggs

Total Time
Prep 20 mins
Cook 0 mins

My Mom & Dad have been making deviled eggs like this for as long as I can remember! I recommend using The Most Perfect Hard-Boiled Eggs (No Needles Involved) to cook the eggs to begin with.

Ingredients Nutrition


  1. Cut hard-boiled eggs in half length wise.
  2. Gently scoop yolks out into a mixing bowl. Set aside egg whites.
  3. Add Miracle Whip to yolks and mix thoroughly. (I use a hand mixer).
  4. Place mixture in a piping bag and fill the egg whites where the yolk was removed.
  5. Sprinkle cayenne pepper on top of egg yolk mixture. Enjoy!
Most Helpful

Easy and simple I use a little sweet relish and garlic powder in the miracle whip top with paprika for color. My family loves these eggs.

CarolynSK September 19, 2015

I use Miracle Whip but add a little yellow mustard and a dash of celery salt, sprinkle paprika on to finish.

bobbiegraser September 18, 2015

Can't go wrong with a basic deviled egg recipe. I love the cayenne, I usually use paprika. We love mayonnaise so I went with the full fat stuff :)

Diana J. August 26, 2015

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