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I made fresh milled grain for the first time today. It looked different. It mixed different. The dough felt a little gritty. The Bread was dellicious!! It came out wonderful, With one loaf I made several small loaves to share and left them plain. With the other I cut in half and added Cinnamon and sugar and rolled up as cinnamon bread. Was also great. Will use more cinnamon nexr time, whole wheat flour needs more cinnamon. With the other half I made round rolls in a muffin pan. Cooked in 18 minutes. They were very good. I think what I used was winter wheat, but I'm not sure. It IS my first time. The texture was good, it sliced good. And Hubby liked it. It is healthy and good for you what more can we ask for. Thanks for sharing.

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grfox33 September 23, 2008

Great Recipe! I use 2 cups spelt, 2 cups Khorasan (the un-trademarked Kamut) and 1 cup soft white wheat. Also to share a little secret, I use 2 tablespoons of ground flax and 2 tablespoons of water mixed together to replace the gluten and dough enhancer. I add the flax/water mix to the wet ingredients as I am adding to the flour mix and the bread rises beautifully every time! And you get the extra flax goodness in your bread :) Happy Baking!

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mariposa1104 May 22, 2013

Love this recipe! I just started milling my own wheat berries with my kitchen aid grain mill and I use my stand mixer with the dough hook. Once I switched to home milled flour all of my loaves were very disappointing - hard bricks. This recipe changed that! I attribute the success to a great recipe, the addition of dough enhancer, I added a little extra water until I got the dough consistency I liked then let the KA do all the work on speed 4 for the full 10 minutes. Initially the dough is grainy and stiff but this recipe showed me how home milled dough really needs to be kneaded well! The dough finally succumbed to a softer, more supple dough. Wish I had read this recipe before I invested in a ton of home milled cookbooks on amazon!
I am still debating to get the bosch mixer and nutrimill to handle larger volume and get the weeks worth of bread making done faster!
Thank you for the recipe.

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kgarcia4 November 25, 2012


I registered here just so I could thank you and rate this recipe. I have a kitchen-aid stand mixer, and I was so excited when I bought the grain mill attachment to start making breads with my own flour. Until now I have been so disappointed by the quality of loafs that I have been able to make, they were flat, dense, not very soft. This recipe on the other hand, produced full loafs with tender bread and crispy crust, and on the first try! Just amazing. Thank you so much for sharing!

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mkeys5000 April 18, 2011

I make my own freshly ground w.w. bread , but lots of times it's hard to cut, falls apart too easily. I decided to try this to see if it cuts better. I added the liquid ingred. (using hot tap water) to my Bosch first, then added the dry. Used 1/2 T salt. I had to let it rise for almost 1 hour (only once); my recipe only takes 30 minutes. Baked in 30 min. and cuts nicely and tastes good. I think the "trick" may be the gluten, as my recipe does not have gluten. I may try adding it to my recipe and see if it works. I would double the batch next time, as I usu. make 4-5 loaves.

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WI Cheesehead April 07, 2008
Mom, Can You Make Your Bread? (Using Freshly Milled Flour)