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I'm sure some might say what I made wasn't authentic, but because what I prepared from this recipe was absolutely wonderful! Although I followed the list of ingredients, I did cut the amount of chili back by half! Other than that, everything was as given in the recipe! I served it over chicken burritos & we were completely satisfied! Definitely something I'd be more than happy to make again! Thanks for sharing the recipe! [Tagged & made in Please Review My Recipe]

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Sydney Mike May 19, 2011

This was very good! A nice, thick, richly flavored dark sauce, just like I get at the local mexican joint over chicken enchiladas. As stated in the note, the chocolate is essential to this sauce! I used homemade chicken stock, ancho chili powder, and extra dark hershey's chocolate (it was on hand). The ancho is a mild chili, so my sauce was not terribly spicy, which is fine, since I plan to freeze most of it for later use. If I want spicy, I can add more when I use it. Since I used homemade stock, I needed to add a good amount of salt, but I waited until finished with the reduction before adding it. This is wonderful on chicken enchiladas, and I'm sure I'll find lots of other uses for it as well! Thanks for posting!

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IngridH February 21, 2011

Missing the complexity of chiles---must add either 10 pasilla, 5 mulato, 5 ancho--soak overnight and scrape insides...just chili powder doesn't do it. Adding a couple of chipotle peppers [adobo sauced smoked jalapenos---in the can easily found]. Also, there should be almonds, peanuts and pumpkin seeds ground.

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BestFriendsStevie May 20, 2011

Delicious! This was my first attempt at mole sauce and I was pleased with the results. I felt that the chili powder was a perfect amount, but I am starting to like things spicier :) The dark chocolate gave the sauce a wonderfully rich complexity. I loved the addition of raisins and almonds to the sauce and will probably double them next time. The only issue I had was that the sauce was pretty salty, which took away from the chocolately, sweet flavor. Next time, I may experiment with a different type of chicken broth or sub some of it with water and see if that helps. Thanks Deb for a great mole recipe! Made for Holiday tag.

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noway May 02, 2010

Well, this certainly was an unusual sauce. I like the kick the chili powder gave, but found 4 tablespoons a little too much. I used vegetable broth for this, as I used it over your Danish Pancakes / Crepes. It was a nice combination.

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Studentchef April 24, 2010

Excellent; creates a full-flavored, beautiful sauce. Next time, I may try less chili powder. Also, I didn't bother using a blender. I just chopped up the raisins and almonds finely (and together because the dryness of the almonds makes chopping raisins easier) and put them in at the beginning of the 35-minute reduction.

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Debbie R. April 11, 2010
Mole Sauce (Chocolate Based)