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Pretty good, and relatively authentic. I suggest you use fresh chilis though, replace the powder adn jalepeno and double the quantity of chili in it- it gives it a warmer, richer flavour but in combination with the rest of the ingredients, even fresh chilies don't make it too fiery.

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Bel's Belly March 24, 2008

Instead of ginger, black pepper, jalapeno and anise seed try some kashmiri mirchi a lovely and fragrant semi hot chile powder. Chile powders are fine and fresh are also. If you use powder be sure to cook the mole on simmer for about 25-30 minutes. This releases the flavors and gets rid of the grittiness. Thanks for leaving out tomatoes which are not a mole or enchilada gravy ingredient.

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I_Fortuna May 03, 2011
Mole Poblano With Chicken