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This was a huge hit with DH! I've made many attempts at recreating his family's version of mole rojo, but I have always gotten the same two comments across the board (too sweet, and not spicy enough). While this version isn't a perfect recreation of the family mole, this is the first pot of mole that wasn't too sweet, and was just spicy enough. Based on prior experiences, I knew that if I added all the chocolate that this batch was going to be deemed too sweet as well, so I did omit the bulk of the chocolate. I added 1 disk (~ 1.5 oz) of some Mexican dark chocolate with chipotle to the paste portion, and i didn't add any additional chocolate to the sauce part. I didn't do anything to alter the spiciness, though -- that was just due to the chiles called for in the recipe. I have to admit, I don't really care for dark mole all that much -- too much going on, and too bitter for my tastes. I will say, though, that I found this version more appealing that the others I've tried, probably because of the tomatoes (never had mole with tomatoes in it before). Since I was going into this knowing that it's a sauce that I just don't care for, my review is based purely on DH's opinion of this. I know that this is a good mole recipe, though, since I've seen enough mole being made by my Mexican in-laws. Coincidentally, I happened upon some whole frozen ducks in Costco the other day, so I made a roast duck to go with this, and some white rice. This made DH a very happy camper yesterday, so I thank you for posting this recipe. Made for PAC Fall 2012

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Muffin Goddess November 13, 2012

This paste is a wonderful base for an authentic mole sauce. It is rich with a complex mix of chilis yielding more umami than pure fire. Believe me, it is still darned hot!

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Chuckreich September 18, 2012
Mole Paste (Used for Making Mole Sauce)