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This coloradito recipe is excellent and almost exactly the same as a recipe I got when I took a salsas and moles class in Oaxaca's Casa de Los Sabores with chef Pilar Cabrera. It is a complex process but the yield is higher than the recipe indicates (about double). Also, once made you will only be using about 1/2 cup as a base when preparing it with chicken or, as we do, for enchiladas. There will be plenty left over for freezing and future use.

One caution- the information on the nutritional values looks incorrect. For one thing, a serving size of 1192 grams is ridiculously large (more than 2.25 lb. per serving? I don't think so!). The sodium content of one teaspoon of kosher salt is about 1,120 mg not the 1,807 they give. They might be including other ingredients but I don't see any that is that high in sodium.

In short- the recipe is reliable, the nutritional facts are not.

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tlcnate January 10, 2013

This is a wonderful mole recipe! I was shocked that noone had rated it and it's been here since '03! I think because it is very involved and not too many people have the time or energy to put in to a recipe. That's a real shame too. I used ancho, guajillo and pasilla chiles. I also used Mexican cinnamon and oregano. I can't believe I had everything on hand to make this. I served this with chicken enchiladas. Thanks Kirstin!

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cherylf August 04, 2009
Mole Coloradito Oaxaca