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We found these in *American Classics* by the editors of Cook's Illustrated magazine, a publication that I'm now thoroughly psychically married to since EVERYTHING I've ever made from their books/magazines turns out perfect... and beyond. I've spent my life proudly boasting that I never fall victim to sweet stuff, just not my thing, but I could NOT stop eating these until I finally had to ask my husband take the container from my hands. We've since made three batches and learned during the second that refrigerating the dough in log form, slicing the chilled dough into disks, rolling into balls, through the sugar, etc., makes 11 minutes in the oven the PERFECT temperature that results in soft, chewy delicious, sinful heaven. I should mention that we don't make/use a glaze; they really are perfect as is for us. Not too sweet, but full of flavor and crazy-addictive! Thank you so much, Debbie, for posting this so I don't have to pull out that big honkin' book every time I want to make them (since my lousy memory won't retain squat.) :o)

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Sandi (From CA) June 24, 2009

Definitely a keeper. It turned out just as well as I thought it would! They were so good, I really like all the spices and the molasses its a great combination. For the icing instead of the rum I added the zest of one orange and the juice of half an orange mixed with 1 cup confectioner's sugar. The orange really goes well with the other flavors in the cookie. The only other thing I did differently was I accidentally added the whole egg instead of just the yolk. I wish I hadn't because I have a feeling that would have made it even more chewy. They were very good and I will be making them again. Thanks for posting! Made for ZWT5 Team: Las Misticos Majicos Sirinas.

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Leah's Kitchen June 08, 2009
Molasses Spice Cookies With Dark Rum Glaze