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Divine, highly recommended. Great texture, lovely molasses flavor, but not too strong. Excellent with half raisins and half semi-sweet chocolate chip cookies in place of all the raisins.

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Angel City Mom September 13, 2009

We loved these! My 8 year old son wanted to make cookies with a little help and I chose these. We did sub chocolate chips for the raisins, but otherwise left everything as written. As with other recipes I've made with oil instead of butter I did have a hard time getting the chocolate chips to adhere to the batter, but since we were rolling them into balls anyway it was no big deal! The only weird thing was that the first two pans of this came out super crisy, while the rest came out nice and chewy. Oh well, they were all good. The molasses flavor here is not super pronounced which is how my son likes it. When the cookies were still warm it was more noticeable, but went away when they cooled. One I'm glad I tried. Thanks!

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ladypit June 18, 2008
Molasses Oatmeal Cookies