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Some family members claim that I've been trying to kill them with chili peppers. I obviously make them violently happy.

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gailanng March 26, 2011

Oh My Goodness...this is the most wonderful marinade ever! I actually found the recipe on epicurious.com and it's the same (minus the chipotle) except it's doubled...which made a lot. However, it is good in the fridge for two weeks and since it's a little work to make it was nice having leftover marinade to use again. I did not use the chipotle and don't think I would because it was just sooo good as is. Since I doubled it according to your recipe the changes I made were to use a whole head of garlic and I used about a 1/2 a cup or more of cilantro. Since the food processor was needed later in the recipe I decided to chop my garlic, onions and cilantro in it first which made things a little easier. Beacause it was such a large amount it did spill a little out of my processor, but no big deal...had to clean it anyway. I bought a flank steak and asked the butcher to run it through the tenderizer twice (which I recommend- makes the meat super tender). The steak sat in the marinade for 4 hours and then we grilled it, it was so delicious. Tonight I poured the leftover marinade over some chicken and shrimp, I have no doubt that it will be wonderful, I'll update with the results. Thanks...a perfect intro to spring and breaking out the grill!

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HeidiSue March 11, 2008
Mojito Marinade